Provost, Professor Janice Kay

Welcome to the Exeter Academic

We are a community of students, academic and professional service staff who are fortunate to be working in an environment in which learning and discovery is right at the heart of what we do, and in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Our academic staff, whether Education and Research, Education and Scholarship or Research specialists, must have the opportunity to be at the absolute cutting edge of their discipline, or at the forefront of innovation and quality in learning and teaching. The Exeter Academic aims to support our academic staff to be the very best they can be, to achieve their goals in research and impact, and to help our talented undergraduates and postgraduates to go on to become distinguished in their own chosen fields.

We are ambitious, and ambitious for our students. We are proud to be a University of global reach and influence that has its strong roots in Devon and Cornwall. A key objective of the University is to sustain its position as a World 100 University by increasing the research power. This amounts to growing its academic base substantially to around 1000 academics who will be submitted to the next Research Excellence Framework. This means that we must provide an environment in which staff can thrive and develop their careers. We all want to make Exeter a career destination of choice.

The Exeter Academic is important for all academics here and those considering joining us. It will ensure that criteria and processes are clearer for progression. It will offer greater levels of investment in academic careers including Academic Management training and help to build individual global profiles and provide core academic development as well as tailored individual opportunities. The criteria for progression and promotion highlight the elements we value most highly: the ability to educate with rigour and in ways inspired by our research, to advance knowledge and discovery, to translate research into impact, sometimes commercial impact, and to be collegiate and collaborative.

This website is designed to ensure that you can find the information about what the University expects of you and how you can create a successful career here. It has been designed by fellow academic colleagues for you so please use it, share it with colleagues and help to enhance it through providing the team with feedback.

Exeter is committed to investing in its world class academic community. I wish you every success in creating your future here.

Best wishes




Provost, Professor Janice Kay