Selection of Academic Leads

  1. Academic Leads may be from the Education and Research or Education and Scholarship job families.
  2. Academic Leads should be Senior Lecturers, Associate Professors or Professors.
  3. The University expects all senior staff in the Education and Research and Education and Scholarship job families to take on appropriate leadership and management roles in the College and University, including (when and where appropriate) the role of Academic Lead.
  4. The role of Academic Lead will be allocated to members of staff by the College Executive following discussion with the College Dean.
  5. Occasionally, a newly appointed senior member of staff may be directly appointed to the role of Academic Lead.
  6. On other occasions when there is a requirement for a new or replacement Academic Lead in a discipline, to ensure a fair and open allocation process, the College Dean will invite all senior staff in the discipline (who meet the criteria in 2 and 3 above and who are not already Academic Leads) to submit their names for consideration. The College Dean will arrange to speak to everyone who has asked to be considered. The College Dean may also approach some individuals direct (see 4, above).
  7. The University values the diversity of its community because it believes this enriches employment, research, studying and learning experiences. We are working towards a culture that welcomes equality of opportunity and values diversity, including in the role of Academic Lead. To support this, we encourage staff from groups currently underrepresented as Academic Leads to put themselves forward for consideration.