Being an Exeter Academic

Across our University, academics are driving forward our ambition to be a Global 100 institution. Just as we have focused on creating a great student experience, we are looking at what more we can do to nurture and attract brilliant minds. Under the banner of “Exeter Academic” we are looking at each element of an academic career, including career paths and promotion, leadership, development and feedback.

Great careers in research, education and scholarship

Academics bring Exeter provides
Personal ambition to do great work and to take responsibility for building a successful career. Clear career pathways, with signposts and regular check-in meetings so people know whether they are on track and how to keep progressing.

Opportunity, learning, travel

Academics bring Exeter provides
Desire to grow networks, collaborate across disciplines and organisations. The enterprise to use and create opportunities. A dynamic place, with lots of opportunities to take on new responsibilities and continuously build skills and experience.

Feedback, recognition, support, guidance

Academics bring Exeter provides
Commitment to achieve mutually agreed goals. A willingness to keep developing and to be open to constructive feedback. Guidance from the very best academic leaders in their field on planning a flourishing career.

Stimulating community

Academics bring Exeter provides
Participation in the University community and beyond, making time to join networking events and fostering team spirit. An organisation that attracts and retains a community of like-minded scholars, who each strive to pursue our Global 100 ambitions.

Clear direction

Academics bring Exeter provides
Enthusiasm to develop the performance of the college and contribute to the University's vision for the the future. A clear vision and plan for the University, linked to the vision and plan for each college and department.