Academic Professional Dates 2020-21


September 2020 starters (campus in brackets)

March 2021 starters (campus in brackets)

Introductory Workshop*

Choose either:

Wednesday 9 September 2020 (online)**

Or Friday 11 September 2020 (online)**

Choose either:

Wednesday 10 March 2021 (Streatham)

Or Thursday 11 March 2021 (Streatham)

Or Thursday 18 March 2021 (Penryn)

Module 1 delivery days^

Monday 14 December 2020 (online)**

And Tuesday 15 December 2020 (online)**

And Monday 19 April 2021 (Streatham)

Thursday 22 April 2021 (online)

And Friday 23 April 2021 (online)

And choose either:

Wednesday 16 June 2021 (Streatham)

Or Friday 18 June 2021 (Penryn)

Module 2 delivery days^

Wednesday 16 December 2020 (online)**

And Tuesday 20 April 2021 (Streatham)

And Wednesday 21 April 2021 (Streatham)

Choose either Streatham or Penryn:


Monday 14 June 2021 (Streatham)

And Monday 19 July 2021 (Streatham)

And Tuesday 20 July 2021 (Streatham)


Wednesday 23 June 2021 (Penryn)

And Thursday 22 July 2021 (Penryn)

And Friday 23 July 2021 (Penryn)

*Introductory workshop: for participants of standard and non-standard pathway only (not applicable for colleagues on the part-time pathway of the programme).

^Module 1 and 2 delivery days: for participants on all pathways. Each session is expected to run for a full day (09.00-16.30). Schedules are distributed to attendees nearer to the dates. 

**The programme moved online from March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All sessions will be delivered online until the end of December 2020 at which point there will be further review. You will be sent information about the online and virtual delivery of the programme via email. If you will now be unavailable for any of your scheduled APP delivery dates, or if you are unsure about which ones you should attend, please email

Attendance at all these delivery dates, and completion of the associated formative assignments, is mandatory for successful completion of the programme. If you are unable to attend one of the days, you will be invited to attend the next time this day is delivered. Enquiries about your specific circumstances can be made to

Submission deadlines for module 1 and module 2 summative assignments