Enrolment Information

The Academic Professional Programme is available to all staff at the University of Exeter for whom academic practice (teaching and/or research) is a key part of their roleFor Module 2 of the programme, current and/or planned responsibilities in education (at least 100 hours during the programme) at Exeter are pre-requisites for study. This is because it is an Advance HE accreditation requirement of Fellowship that you are ‘able to provide evidence of broadly based effectiveness in more substantive teaching and supporting learning role(s).'

  • For Lecturers (E&R) on the Professional Development Programme (PDP), completion of the Academic Professional Programme is usually a probation requirement
  • For full time Lecturers (E&S), the Academic Professional Programme must usually be started before the end of the probationary period.
  • Other University of Exeter staff can request a programme expression of interest form by emailing academicprofessional@exeter.ac.uk

New Lecturers are auto-enrolled onto the programme if they fulfil the following criteria: 

  • Lecturer (E&R or E&S as above) 
  • On a minimum of 0.8FTE for a minimum contract duration of 18 months (the length of the programme)
  • Approved for enrolment by their College.

There is also an Academic Professional Part-Time Pathway, which has been specifically designed for colleagues who are on E&R or E&S Lecturer contracts of less than 0.8FTE and/or on a fixed term contract of less than 18 months. This version of the programme has been designed with the flexibility often required for participation whilst on a part-time or fixed-term contract. 

If you would like to enrol onto the Part-Time Pathway, and have not already been contacted aboutenrolment, please email the Academic Professional Administrator.

Important: Participant Registration Information

When you are enrolled onto the Academic Professional Programme, your enrolment form will be processed by the Admissions department who will record you as a student on SITS (the University's Student Records System). You are recorded as a student to accept the current terms and conditions of the University, and ensure the correct information is held on SITS to enable you to undertake the programme.

You will then receive an email confirming that a record has been created in your name and giving you further information in the form of:

  • Your student number
  • Your student email address 
  • Your student Unicard

Your student number will be used in the submission of assignments for the Academic Professional Programme.

All communication with you for the Academic Professional Programme will be directed to your student email account. Please set up an automatic forward of your emails to your regular staff email account so that you do not miss any important correspondence as under the University’s terms and conditions we must only communicate with you via your student email account.

Please note that you must register as a student on the programme in order to be awarded the credits, as well as the PCAP and Fellowship of the HEA certificates.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Professional Administrator.