Information for Academic Leads

Each Academic Professional Programme participant is required to attend a minimum of 3 meetings (one per term, with an optional fourth) with the Programme Lecturer and Academic Lead. These meetings are known as tripartite reviews.

Your role as Academic Lead is to help support the development of the academics taking the Academic Professional Programme to whom you have been assigned as Academic Lead. This includes:

  1. Attending 3-4 tripartite review meetings annually in order to guide and mentor the participant, ensuring their development is in line with the academic culture and priorities of your discipline and/or College.
  2. Reviewing relevant materials provided by the Academic Professional participant in advance of each tripartite review meeting (usually available one week prior to meeting), where required.
  3. Helping to check and support the participant’s progress, including engaging with the ‘gateway’ tripartite review to confirm the participant is ready to go forward to the programme’s end-point assessment (EPA).

For further information, please see the Academic Professional Programme quick guide for Academic Leads 2019-20 [pdf].

If you have any further questions, or any suggestions for this quick guide, please do get in touch by email: