Associate Professor and Professor – academic promotion schedule

Covid-19/University Finances Plan – Important information on Impact on Promotions

The University reached a Collective Agreement in July 20 on areas where expenditure involving pay arrangements to staff across the University would be adjusted in 2020/21 to assist with avoiding any potential redundancies that might arise as a result of lost income and unplanned expenditure associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.   This included the biannual arrangements for staff in the academic job families to progress from Grade G to Grade H and from Grade H (Associate Professor to Professor)  which will be suspended in 2020/21. Applications made in the 2019/20 academic year will continue through to their conclusion. Exceptionally, fast-track applications will be considered to retain an employee who holds a confirmed offer from a competitor institution.

The University will review this suspension in the Spring Term 2021 and may, subject to student numbers and funding, reinstate the Spring/Summer Term promotion cycle, with salary increases taking effect from 1 August 2021.

Otherwise the next academic promotion cycle will take place in the Autumn Term 2021.

The current arrangements for staff in the academic job families to progress from Grade E to Grade F and from Grade F to Grade G will continue in 2020/21.

The University’s continues to be committed to supporting academic staff with regards to career development/promotion applications and mitigating wherever possible any impact arising from the Coronavirus situation, including the impact on workload associated with Project Enhance.  Applications will continue to be considered against the relevant criteria in terms of the quality of work of applicants but allowances are made with regards to the quantity or outputs having given consideration to the individual circumstances and the impact these are likely to have had.   Any academic who has concerns should be discussing these with their line manager/Academic Lead and appropriate Associate Dean to clarify what support and adjustments can be made available to them, including where appropriate adjustments to workload.