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Leadership and Management

Our core leadership programme, The Leadership Difference, is centred on developing self-awareness, enabling you to build positive and supportive relationships and have powerful conversations to engage and help your colleagues.

From here our Interactive Leadership Landscape will help you practice and develop your mastery of compassionate, inclusive, and authentic leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Leadership Academy

From 2022, all successful delegates from our Leadership Difference programme will be offered a place in our Leadership Academy. The Academy will centre on a Community of Practice of both Professional Services and Academic leaders, linking up with other leaders in the sector and beyond and featuring development opportunities, mentoring and coaching tuned to the needs of our leaders across the University.


Our core leadership development programme for Academic and Professional Services leaders is our award-winning Leadership Difference. The programme promotes a professional and supportive leadership community and recognises the role of leadership in enabling our institutional ambitions and embedding our values.


Leading strategically (complete all modules)

The programme begins with Onboarding and action planning. All delegates undertake a 180 review and are offered 1:1 coaching.

Further 2.5-hour modules run over several months:

  • Leader as coach
  • Leading self
  • Leading systems
  • Leading teams

Mastering leadership (optional 90 minute webinars)

  • Protecting team time
  • Goal-setting
  • Developing leadership wisdom
  • Leading in demanding times
  • Leading through change
  • Conflict management and resolution

Annual 1 day conference (Due Summer 2024)

  • Keynote speakers
  • Breakout sessions
  • Celebrating completers


For 2023-2024 participation is via a new nominations process. Each Faculty and Division have places allocated across the 5 cohorts running at different points throughout the 2023-24 academic year.

Nominees are put forward by Faculty and Division Senior Leadership at  intake periods each year (September and December). Please speak to your Line Manager if you are interested in the programme.

If you have any queries please email People Development or Janice Button (Learning and Development Manager, Exeter Academic). 

For our Senior Leaders who are comfortable with People Management and have previously completed leadership training or have equivalent experience, we have our Leadership Academy with content delivered by our highly esteemed Exeter Centre for Leadership.

This inspirational, external looking, programme will feature monthly 1 hour leadership talks delivered by Exeter scholars, 360 feedback and will allow participants to reflect on their understanding and practice leadership a structured setting. Please sign up for the Leadership Academy here (Link to follow).

Have a look at further details of proposed programme in our (proposed) Leadership Academy programme 2023/24.

HoD Engage      

Chaired by: The Provost
Organised by: The Provost's Office

DoE Engage

Chaired by DVC (Education)
Organised by: Jess Johnson 

DoRI Forum

Chaired by: DVC (Research and Impact)
Organised by: Sarah Warren

DoG Engage

Chaired by: DVC (Global Engagement)
Organised by: Helen Butler

DPVC Engage

Chaired by: The Provost
Organised by: The Provost's Office