Purposeful Leadership: Landing Our Sovereign Strategies

The University has developed and recently launched a new Academic Leadership Programme, on which there are two cohorts running in parallel. One cohort is for academic leaders currently in post, at the level of Associate Heads, or Directors of Education, Research or Global. The other cohort is for aspiring leaders.

At the core of the programme is Emotional Intelligence and understanding and exploring how individual behaviours impact on other people. There is also a focus on the specialisms and strategies relating to specific Director remits, on leadership attributes and on the importance of wellbeing in leadership.

People from both cohorts will be invited to take part in a day focusing on purposeful leadership, provisionally scheduled for Thursday 23 June 2020. The day will be designed around how participating leaders can align behaviours – both their own and that of others – with the University’s ‘sovereign strategies’ which comprise its unique ecosystem.


Workshop Outcomes:

The Purposeful Leader day will enable participants to:

  • Connect what they do every day to their leadership purpose, lending momentum and confidence in their ability to interpret and lead locally on relevant strategies;
  • Plan to achieve successful outcomes through being compassionate, values-based leaders;
  • Strengthen their reputation as thought leaders in their departments and beyond;
  • Contribute to building thriving professional cultures with colleagues, based on trust and collegiality.