HR Excellence in Research Award

HR Excellence in Research Award

‌HR Excellence in Research Award

University of Exeter - HR Excellence in Research

Every two years the University conducts an internal review to assess the performance of the University in meeting its obligations under the Concordat and to gauge progress against actions arising from the previous evaluation. The outcomes of this are a report and 2 year action plan that is submitted to the HR Excellence in Research Award panel. The original strategy called the Concordat Implementation Plan (CIP) was produced in 2009.

Due to the exigences of the pandemic, the most recent review was conducted in 2021.

Current Action plan

It has been agreed that the HR Excellence action plan can be better delivered if it is merged with our Researcher Concordat commitments. This has therefore resulted in a new Researcher Concordat Action Plan 2021-2023.

Year 10 review (conducted in 2021)

The HR Excellence in Research Year 10 Summary Report records considerable progress to support our commitment to developing research staff and promoting the best possible research culture.The impact of the pandemic is highlighted and key challenges addressed.

The HR Excellence in Research Year 10 Full Report gives more detail on each topic.

The HR Excellence in Research 2018-2021 Action Plan with progress is an updated version of the original 2018-2020 action plan.

Year 8 review (2018)

The HR Excellence 8 Year Review Report shows that whilst a substantial amount of development has been achieved to support researchers to be the best that they can and to ensure consistent high quality training and development throughout their careers at the University of Exeter on all four campuses, there is further development and enhancement work that will be carried out and is identified in the action plan.

Year 6 review (2016)

HR Excellence in Research Award Review and Report

2016-18 Action Plan

HR Excellence in Research Award 2016 – 18 Action Plan

Year 4 review (2014)

HR Excellence in Research Award 4 year review

2014-2016 Action plan

HR Excellence in Research Award 2014 – 16 Action Plan‌ (Reviewed 2016)

Year 2 review (2012)

2012-2014 Action plan

 HR Excellence in Research Award Action Plan July 2012-2014

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