All new staff are required to prove their right to work in the UK

Proof of right to work in the UK

The UK Government has introduced regulations (the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006) to ensure that employers only employ people who are legally permitted to work in the UK. These regulations require an employer to verify a new employee’s right to work in this country by checking and copying certain documents and to undertake annual checks on employees whose right to work in the UK is time-limited.

This requirement applies to all new members of staff, irrespective of their nationality. The right to work check must be completed before employment commences. It is a criminal offence to employ someone who does not have the right to work in the UK.

Procedure for new staff

All new members of staff are required to provide evidence of their right to work before they start employment with the University. If the documents are not provided at interview, the new employee should make arrangements to provide evidence of their right to work before their start date by providing their original document(s), plus photocopies, as detailed in the section how to prove your right to work in the UK. Virtual right to work document checks, via a video call, will remain in place until April 2022. Alternatively, face to face verification can be completed by one of the contacts below:

HR Reception Desk, Main Reception, Northcote House (on the Streatham Campus) during the following days/times: Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm.

Please book an appointment first by using the link here 

Please take your right to work documentation to the following contacts for verification:

Business School Penryn staff - please contact Ali Bearhop 01326 259259 SERFS G: 16

CEMPS/CSM Penryn staff - please contact Cath Bissett 01326 253589 Daphne du Maurier 3.104a

CLES Penryn staff - please contact Sally Bennett 01326 255986 Peter Lanyon room A063 (Daphne du Maurier 3038 from mid-January 2019)

ESI staff - please contact your individual college/service or contact Mark Plummer 01326 259252 ESI: 0012b

HUMS/SSIS Penryn staff - please contact Keleigh Burgess 01326 255527 Peter Lanyon A063 (Daphne du Maurier 3038 from mid-January 2019)

Professional Services/College Operations Penryn staff - please contact Helen Wonnacott 01326 371818 Stella Turk LG3:02A

Or if any of the above are unavailable - please contact Sandra Johnson Associate HR Business Partner 01326 259168 Stella Turk LG3:12

Please contact the relevant person listed below and arrange a suitable time to take your documentation for verification and copying.

St Lukes

  • Sue Whiffin, South Cloisters, available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am to 2pm, extension 6056 or email


  • Heidi Snell, Undergraduate Office, Medical School Building, 01392 406714, please email:


Medical School Cornwall-based staff

Truro Hospital, RCHT Knowledge Spa

Please note

If a new employee is unable to present these documents by their first day of employment, they will be asked to leave work and/or the start date will be delayed. If they continue to fail to meet the requirements, the University must withdraw the offer of employment.

Procedure for individuals paid on a claims basis

The requirement to check evidence of right to work in the UK also applies to individuals undertaking casual work. The line manager should ensure that any individuals undertaking casual work have provided evidence of their right to work in the UK, either via a video call or in person to the HR Reception Desk, Main Reception, Northcote House (Streatham Campus) before they start working.  The Casual Claims team are able to confirm the status of a casual worker's right to work.  If the worker has not provided satisfactory evidence of their right to work, they will be unable to submit a timesheet via the eClaims system and they will not be paid for any work that they have done.  Please see the How to prove right to work pages for information about what to bring in. Please note if you are a on a Student (Tier 4) visa there is additional information on the Student web pages.

Additional information for Cornwall based staff can be found above under the 'Medical School Cornwall based staff' option.