Team Brief

The Employee Engagement Survey identified the themes of Communication and Staff Voice as two areas in need of institution-wide improvement. One of the ways we are responding to these results is to launch a new internal communications process called Team Brief.

Team Brief is about keeping everybody up-to-date with the University’s current and future position. It has been set up as management cascade tool which means managers at every level will go through the core messages from VCEG in the Team Brief at a time when they are updating their teams about local information specific to their service.

The objective of Team Brief is to create a culture of two-way communication. This is not just about cascading information downwards, but also engaging teams in conversations about issues that affect everybody at the University. It is a chance for colleagues to have a voice, and for managers to listen and respond to any questions raised. It also provides colleagues with a way of sharing the feedback from their team up to their senior managers, either by contacting the senior team individually or by sharing feedback with the internal communications team so it can be collated and shared with the senior team.

The following webpages will let you know more about the Team Brief process and guidelines outlining the cascade process as well as giving you advice on how to deliver and/or be ready to receive a Team Brief are also included. If you have any general questions about the team briefing process, then please contact the internal communications team: