Month Date written Team Brief circulated to all colleagues via email Date cascade begins from Pro-Vice Chancellors and Professional Services Directors Ideal window for all onward cascades to be completed   VCEG Question time - informal, insightful: ask anything or just come along and listen 
October Friday 4 October Monday 7 October Friday 18 October Wednesday 9 October, 12.30-1pm

Andrew Connolly and Jane Chafer

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Friday 8 November 



Monday 11 November



Friday 22 November

Tuesday 19 November, 12.30-1pm

Prof Andrew Thorpe and Imelda Rogers

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December  Friday 6 December  Monday 9 December  Friday 20 December

Wednesday 11 December, 12.30-1pm

Prof Dan Charman and Jane Chafer

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January  Friday 24 January  Monday 27 January  Friday 7 February

 Wednesday 29 January 2020, 12.30-1pm

Prof Neil Gow and Andrew Connolly

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February  Friday 28 February  Monday 2 March  Friday 13 March

 Monday 2 March, 1-1.30pm

Prof Mark Goodwin, Prof Ken Evans

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March  Friday 27 March  Monday 30 March  Friday 3 April

All colleagues are invited to attend the Joint Registrar and Provost talks that start on Wednesday 23 March.  Speaking at them will be Janice Kay, Provost, and Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar and Secretary with Dave Hosken, Deputy Vice-Chancelelor for Cornwall attending in Penryn. You can find details of times, dates and locations online.

April                                                     No Team Brief in April 2020
May Friday 11 May  Monday 4 May  Friday 15 May

Sessions in May and June cancelled due to Covid-19, apologies.  

June  Friday 12 June  Monday 15 June  Friday 26 June


July                                                      No Team Brief in July 2020
August                                                    No Team Brief in August 2020