The team briefing process

The Team Brief will be emailed to all colleagues every month, except vacation months of of December, April, July and August.  Dates are outlined in the Team Brief calendar.

There are two aspects to the Team Brief:

  1. A written Team Brief which will be circulated to all employees via email and held in an archive on the Team Brief pages
  2. Local leadership teams will lead on the face to face cascades of the items in Team Brief. This means the topics in the Team Brief will be discussed by college/service senior teams and cascaded to all teams in their department meetings.

Feedback from the above Team Brief stages will be collated and shared with the senior leadership team and responses to the key themes raised will be shared and included in the next month’s written Team Brief.


Pro-Vice-Chancellors and Directors, and members of their senior teams, will aim to make use of existing college/service meetings to discuss the messages in the Team Brief.

The cascade will look and feel very different in each part of University. In some areas the cascade will be very short, while in others it may feature many different management and supervisory levels.

All employees should receive a verbal team briefing within a month of the Team Brief being cascaded. If teams do not meet as regularly as once a month, then the Team Brief messages should form part of the agenda on the pre-arranged meetings that are due to take place.

If you are a manager/supervisor and are unsure whether you have a responsibility for delivering a team briefing, please discuss this with your line manager. This will ensure that the correct cascade of information is established from the outset.

Written Team Brief

A written Team Brief will be circulated to all employees via email on the dates outlined in the Team Brief calendar. As well as outlining the key messages it will share staff successes and report feedback on the previous Team Brief.  Previous editions of the written Team Brief can be read on the archive pages.