What is team briefing?

Team briefing brings managers together with their teams on a face-to-face basis so that information can be delivered, questions asked and feedback collected. A team briefing system is an excellent way to enable communication upwards, downwards and sideways throughout an organisation.

Research has shown that face-to-face communication between managers and their teams is vital to the efficient and effective operation of an organisation.

Team briefing is not just about giving information, it’s a forum where employees can come together in their teams to discuss the points being raised and to ask questions; and for their feedback to be recorded and relayed back up the organisation to the appropriate management levels.

Team briefing is also an ideal forum for sharing good news and recognising and celebrating your achievements as a team.

The benefits of team briefing

Team briefing provides:

  • A channel for delivering clear messages and encouraging open communication
  • Timely face-to-face communication which prevents rumour and the grapevine from gaining credibility
  • A great form of two-way communication - it’s not just about informing people, but listening and responding to questions and concerns
  • Employees with an opportunity to ask questions and for suggestions to be fed back from employees to the top
  • A greater awareness of organisational issues and involvement at all levels
  • A shared sense of mission, vision, collective aims and reasons about why we’re working here
  • The ability to reduce misunderstanding within your team and within other parts of the University
  • Employees with up to date information on performance, results, progress and policy changes

To find out more about Team Brief and have it works, take a look at the Team Brief Process webpage.