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October 2022 - April 2023

The new structures have been introduced in a phased way. We prioritised the elements of the programme that had to be in place for the start of the academic year (September 2022), and we continue to develop further arrangements and ways of working collectively during 2023.

From October 2022 to April 2023, we are in the final DEVELOP phase of the programme. Faculties and divisions will continue to further develop and optimise their own policies, processes and structures up until April 2023.

Updates have been made to all key systems and data processes containing organisational information – such as the names of former colleges and directorates. Trent HR and its associated systems went live on 1 August 2022. T1 and finance related systems went live on 1 September 2022. SITS and associated systems went live on 3 October 2022. Visit the our IT Systems webpage to view the list and to check which specific systems were included.

Major pieces of work are underway in 2022-23 including reviews of: staff workloads; progression and promotion criteria; professorial salaries; study leave; professional development, and mentoring in departments.

to April 2023

• Launch new senior leadership development programme

  • Training and induction programme for department managers and professional services partners
  • Review new ways of working with Department Managers and Professional Services Partners

• Creation of faculty Professional Services forums

• PWC internal audit of Future Structures Programme including Senior Leadership team structures and ways of working

• Trial staff service centre

• Report on Impact of new structures including Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

• Review faculty communications roles and coordination

• Review joint reporting arrangements for ‘embedded staff’

• Skills analysis for Future of Work programme

• Proposals of Workload Allocation delivered by Gerbasi working group

• Final programme report to University Executive Board and Council