Phishing update - December 2019

We are aware that a small number of phishing emails impersonating University accounts have been circulated this week, and in particular that these have been sent to a number of people who have applied for current job vacancies at the university. Our IT Security and Information Governance teams are currently looking into the situation.

The emails are not from genuine University of Exeter accounts and may contain viruses or malicious links within the email content or attachments included. Whilst the name displayed on the email appears to be from a University account, our genuine email addresses will always contain -

Please be cautious when opening and responding to emails, and only click on links and open attachments that you are expecting and trust. Be extra vigilant if checking emails on a mobile device where the content and sender details may not be initially visible.

If you have received a suspicious email, please:

  1. Do not reply to, click on any links or open any attachments within the email
  2. Delete the email from your inbox straight away

If you have particular concerns about email you have received, please contact our IT Security Team at