Calendar 2023/24


24 The Dean for Taught Students and Dean of Postgraduate Research

The Dean for Taught Students and Dean of Postgraduate Research and Associate Deans shall be appointed for a term of office to be approved by Council, which shall normally be or a minimum term of three years and not more than five years. This period of office shall be renewable for further terms, subject to the recommendation of Senate and approval by Council.


If the Office of Dean or Associate Dean should fall empty before the expiry of the agreed period of tenure, a locum appointment may be made by the Vice Chancellor until the procedures referred to in paragraph 24.1.1 can be operated.


The Dean for Taught Students shall be the convener and Chair of the Education Board, co-Chaired by the Director of Teaching Excellence and Enhancement. The Dean of Postgraduate Research shall be the convener and Chair of the Postgraduate Research Board. The Dean for Taught Students and Dean of Postgraduate Research shall perform such other duties as may from
time to time be determined by the Senate and the Council.

 24.1.4  The Education Board and Postgraduate Research Board may recruit Associate Deans to undertake such duties as may be delegated by the Dean for Taught Students or Dean of Postgraduate Research.