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Rebecca Cunningham's classes are currently not running face-to-face.

She is running four classes online via Zoom which all staff and PGRs (from whichever campus) are welcome to attend. Fees for instructor-led classes should please be paid to the class instructor directly (see below for info).

Mixed ability online class

Monday @ 12.00pm
Wednesday @ 9.00am
Friday @ 9.00am

Pilates for the Menopause class - please have light weights (1-1.5kg)

Wednesday @ 7.30pm

This is a mixed-ability Pilates class using light weights and resistance bands. The routine aims to build muscle strength, support bone health (bone density decreases after the menopause and exercise using weights is beneficial to maintaining density) through resistance training and weight-bearing exercises. These sessions also include balance exercises and breathing techniques. The class is designed for anyone experiencing peri-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal symptoms.


To book please follow link: book-online or contact Rebecca direct:

Important information

Please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom App. It is helpful if you can wear suitable clothes for exercise, light coloured where possible, have good lighting and position your mat lengthways across the screen (the way the mat is set up during class). The Pilates class will focus on the main phase of exercise so please ensure you have warmed up each major joint beforehand.

Whilst this is a guided class and Becky can see you, she is not there to physically correct you.  Please listen carefully to her instructions and to your bodies.  Do not work through pain. Listen to your body, adapt, and if necessary stop, stretch and reset.

Please notify Rebecca before the class if you have any medical conditions or injuries.



"I have attended Becky's Pilates class for five months now and only missed one class because I was away. Each week I'm really looking forward to the class. Becky structures each class beautifully and is a cheerful and inspiring teacher. From week to week she makes the classes more challenging without ever making them too difficult to cope. I feel she has gradually built up our strength and suppleness. The classes are a here joy to participate in and I cannot recommend them highly enough." -Professor Ricarda Schmidt