Totum Pro card

Totum is the discount card that has replaced NUS Extra. A version of it called Totum Pro is available to members of some professional organisations - like us! With discounts on over 200 popular brands users can make hundreds of pounds of savings a year, so make sure you don’t miss out. Check out the discounts on offer!


Membership cost for Totum Pro 

1-year card for £14.99

2-year card for £24.99

3-year card for £34.99

Plus a charge of £1.50 applies for home delivery.


Instructions for university staff buying a card

Visit the Totum website. The online form has been designed with students in mind, so here are the details which you will have to either fill in or select from the options they provide, to get your card.

Email address Use your university of Exeter email address version made from your login ID e.g. sl123@
Verification  Choose "Verify with your student email address"
Organisation  University of Exeter Students' Guild
Course Level Other
Course  Professional/Vocation (at bottom of the list)
Year of course Year 1
Start date Date you started working at the University or today's date
End date 1, 2, or 3 years from current date depending on length of card you're ordering
Delivery  To your home address or "collect from your campus/guild" (Streatham campus only).