Plans for a Strategic Delivery Unit

Strategic Delivery Unit 

The Strategic Delivery Unit (SDU) is a planned new service, bringing together governance and oversight with the capability to deliver change in a consistent way, providing Exeter with a real advantage in a complex and competitive sector. 


  • Ensure alignment between strategic priorities and the programme & projects we undertake
  • Better decision making, prioritisation and focus, delivered through the University’s change portfolio
  • Coordinated and transparent measurement of success and benefits realised
  • Ensuring consistency in the way we approach change, wherever it happens in the University. 

Next steps

Please keep your eye on these pages for up-to-date information and news on the Strategic Delivery Unit.

In the next couple of months we will be: 

  • Appointing to the new team
  • Developing the future governance arrangements for change
  • Developing and releasing resources to support anyone involved in managing change
  • Releasing a blog populated with the latest change news 

 In the meantime, should you require further information, please contact James Hutchinson, Director.