Student Recruitment. 

Student Recruitment


Student Recruitment is a major, ongoing project, originating from the Exeter University Transformation Programme. It aims to deliver an optimised Student Recruitment Service, efficiently supporting prospective students through the journey of choosing and applying for the University and ensuring first term completion. 

Detailed analysis work has heightened our understanding of the student recruitment landscape and the broad issues and opportunities therein. The project marks the first time our collective student recruitment services, activities, and processes have been mapped and reviewed. 

The project work seeks to produce

  • A high-level design of the future operating model
  • A collaborative set of student recruitment services
  • A governance structure and processes
  • The associated supportive IT systems and tools 
  • And, address process challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Progress report (as of March 2017)

  • Created the first draft of a single student recruitment strategy
  • Full Business Case approved by ETB
  • Carried out consultation for our first scholarship strategy
  • Delivered and piloted a system to support processing of UG applications
  • Reviewed our international markets
  • Customer Relationship Management procurement process commenced.

Next steps

Please check the newsfeed on our homepage for resources, regular programme updates and information - coming soon.

Who to contact

Donna Miljus, Project Manager.