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At the earliest stage of your project or request for digital work, involve the Digital Team and we will help you work out who your key users are and plan the structure, content and visual design.

We will advise you which webpage design is applicable to your area and the elements within the design that can be modified to suit your project, group or department.


View the guidelines for billboard imagery across the University website.

University website design

The University of Exeter website comprises a significant number and range of webpages; the design and content of which are targeted to meet the needs of the University's audiences. 

The Digital Team in Communication and Marketing Services is responsible for designing, managing and developing the University's online and digital presences. Our aim is to achieve a consistent user experience and visual identity across all University webpages, adhering to best-practice design and accessibility principles to ensure the website meets users' needs.

Why we have site 'types'

The challenge of representing a large, complex organisation on the web means that in order to maintain a consistent, high quality visual identity and user experience, we must use a defined set of University-approved designs and templates. These designs evolve and are continuously maintained and improved to meet best-practice. Our webpages are regularly user tested by our audiences to inform developments and improvements.