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University of Exeter style guide

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Hyphenated when combined with another word to form an adjective: ‘work-based study.’ However: ‘teaching is classroom based.’


Avoid where possible. In marketing copy, use spaced en dashes to indicate parentheses – as used here – instead. When writing a complete sentence within brackets, the punctuation also goes within the brackets. (As is the case in this example.) If the text in brackets is part of a sentence (as is the case here), the punctuation goes outside the brackets.


The new Business School building name.

Bullet points

Bullet points are used as a means of breaking text into an easily readable list. For single word or very short bullet points do not use punctuation at the end. With a list that is part of a continuous sentence, put semicolons (;) after each point and start each with a lower-case letter (unless list items are module titles for example).

Web: Try to keep punctuation to the minimum required to assist the reader’s understanding. Complex punctuation can be harder to read on screen.