Planning your Community Challenge

Allow plenty of time for planning. The planning process may sometimes be extended because of the nature and structure of some community organisations.

General considerations

The team manager should think about their particular team and what kind of Community Challenge would best suit the individuals and the team as a whole and would be a useful team development activity.

It is important that participants are not expected to perform beyond their physical capabilities or risk exacerbating any other physical or psychological health conditions.

Reasonable adaptations should be considered that could enable inclusion of those with a disability who wish to participate.

Health and Safety

It is the responsibility of the team manager to ensure that the whole team is briefed about any health and safety issues in advance of the Challenge.

Risk assessment

The key to planning any activity is a sufficient risk assessment. It is important that the assessment is undertaken early on in the process to ensure all risks are minimised. It makes sense to involve and liaise with the partner organisation and the team at this stage; the partner organisation may carry out its own risk assessment on its own form. Organisations without such a process may wish to use the Genereal Risk Assessment (listed below).


Any team member using their car to travel to the Challenge must check with their insurers that they have suitable cover to do so. If transport is being arranged as part of the Community Challenge, this may be booked through the University through the Transport Office

Community Challenge t-shirts

Contact the Design Team for a quote, providing the number of of t-shirts required and the date you need them by.  Please allow a 3-week lead time.

Letter of intent and other paperwork

Before you go onto the partner organisation’s premises you will need to give them our letter of intent.

Other documentation required for a Community Challenge is available below: