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The Occupational Health team can also help you with expert confidential advice and support.

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Manager guidance on supporting wellbeing during return to campus

As colleagues start to return to campus in greater numbers, supporting wellbeing and mental health remains a critical task for line managers.

This guidance provides resources for supporting wellbeing for members of your team during this time.

Communication with your team

The changing situation surrounding Covid-19 can create concerns for some individuals at work and at home. As a line manager it is important to understand these concerns which can, in some instances, lead to anxiety or stress.  

Colleagues may have a range of concerns about returning to campus. Although we don’t expect you to give advice or always provide solutions, being there for your team’s concerns and questions will still help them.

Make sure that your colleagues are familiar with all of the steps that the University is taking to keep the community safe on campus - Find the information here.

Take particular care to engage with colleagues returning if they have been off campus for a long time or who may not have been able to keep up to date with University communications, they may have particular concerns about returning to work.

If they have not yet returned to work please contact them to discuss any concerns and provide relevant information about returning and identify any necessary support.

Make sure that your team know that you are available to talk and help with sources of information or support if needed.

Additional guidance for managers can be found here.

Support and Signposting for your Team

Where colleagues need wellbeing or mental health support, managers should support their team and signpost them to relevant services and resources.

Look out for signs and symptoms of poor mental health, these may include (but not limited to): general withdrawal, lack of concentration/poor memory, reduced productivity, general anxiety, sickness absence, low mood, tearfulness or irritability.

Check in with people regularly to encourage them to talk to you. If someone discloses to you that they are struggling with their wellbeing or mental health, consider doing a Workplace Pressures Assessment which can be found here. You could also consider a referral to Occupational Health.

Familiarise yourself with the services available to support staff experiencing poor mental health. These include our Employee Assistance Programme- Spectrum Life, NHS support, Wellbeing web pages or Occupational Health – options for signposting can be found here.

Role model good wellbeing behaviours and talk to your team proactivity about their wellbeing and work life balance. Making wellbeing part of the regular conversation in 1:1’s, PDRs and team meetings will help encourage staff to focus on their wellbeing.