Action that will be taken in the event of suspected unreasonable alcohol consumption

If a colleague or line manager suspects that an employee has consumed alcohol or is under the influence of alcohol in a defined College/Professional Service exclusion zone, or has a role as set out in Alcohol and the Workplace, the employee will be removed from the area or role immediately. The line manager will be required to have a formal conversation with the employee at a suitable time to discuss the appropriate action or support that will be taken. Line managers can access support from HR to assist with this conversation, if required. In the unlikely event of a security issue, Estate Patrol should be contacted*.

The University accepts that in some cases an employee may have a health problem as a result of dependence on alcohol. In such cases, the University will take steps to encourage, assist and support the employee in accordance with the University’s policy and guidance on alcohol and substance abuse.

In other cases, the University will apply either its Employee or Student Disciplinary Procedure to deal with the irresponsible and deliberate misuse of alcohol. The Disciplinary Procedure for employees specifies the following examples of gross misconduct which may lead to dismissal:

  • Serious incapability whilst on duty brought on by misuse of alcohol or illegal drugs;
  • Severe breach of health, safety and hygiene rules or acting in a manner dangerous to others.


* In the case of a student, the process followed would be that of 5.2 of the General Regulations for Students "Where a breach of that standard of behaviour threatens the safety of other students and/or of staff or disrupts the learning experience of other students, a student may be required to withdraw from a specific class (or other learning activity, which may or may not be residential) with immediate effect by the member of academic staff responsible for that class. Any such requirement shall be reported without delay to the student's College Dean who, after consultation with the member of staff concerned, shall meet the student (save in exceptional circumstances that prevent this from happening) to discuss, and attempt to resolve, the issue that led to the incident. The student may be accompanied at the meeting by a person who shall normally be a current member of the University. The Dean shall arrange for a record to be kept of the outcome of the meeting which will be made available to the student."