Emergency information for staff


In an emergency contact:
Campus Services Helpdesk

01392 724552

Estate Patrol

01392 722222 (ext. 2222) Emergency number only

01392 723999 (ext. 3999)

Cornwall Campuses

 In an emergency contact: 
Campus Services Helpdesk 01326 370400 (ext. 2704)
Campus Security 01326 251400 (ext. 1400) during the day or 07768 557779 at night


On discovering a fire:

• Sound the alarm;
• Call the Fire Service by dialling (9)999 (be prepared to give them the address of the building);
• Summon help and if possible (without taking personal risk and only if trained to do so) attack the fire with available equipment, turn off gas and electricity.

On hearing the fire alarm:

• Close your window and door;
• Check adjacent rooms and warn the inhabitants if they have not heard the alarm;
• Do not stay to collect any possessions;
• Leave the building quickly by the nearest available exit and warn the person in charge of any person known to be missing;
• Do not use the lifts;
• Go to the assembly point;
• Notify Estate Patrol.


If you suspect a gas leak within a building:

• Turn off the gas supply if possible;
• Do not operate electrical switches or fire alarms or create any sources of ignition;
• Open the windows;
• Contact Campus Services Helpdesk or Estate Patrol/Campus Security.


Never attempt to drill or tamper with University buildings (walls, floors, etc). In the event of discovering asbestos/suspected asbestos contact Campus Services Helpdesk and Estate Patrol immediately.

Suspicious packages

• Do not touch the package;
• Remove all persons from the area;
• Contact Estate Patrol/Campus Security immediately.

Security issues

Exeter Campuses: In cases of serious or imminent danger, contact the police on (9)999 immediately and also ring the Estate Patrol security team on their emergency number: ext. 2222, (01392 722222). For non-emergency security and parking matters contact the Estate Patrol security team on ext. 3999, (01392 723999).

Cornwall Campuses: Campus Services Helpdesk: 01326 370400 (ext. 2704), Radio: 401; or Campus Security: 01326 251400 (ext. 1400) during the day or 07768 557779 at night.

First Aid

Posters are displayed in all buildings in the common areas which list the trained first aiders close by. Please see our list of First Aiders‌ to find your nearest first aider.

In the event of a significant injury call an ambulance immediately on (9)999 and then contact a .

Exeter Campuses: Please also inform the Estate Patrol security team on ext. 3999 (01392 723999), or on their emergency number, ext. 2222, (01392 722222).

Cornwall Campuses: Please also contact Campus Security on 01326 251400 (ext. 1400) during the day or 07768 557779 at night.

Incident reporting

Report all incidents, accidents and ill-health using the HSI01 Incident reporting form V2

Reporting a Hazard

To report a hazard contact the Campus Services Helpdesk.

Health and Safety Union Representatives

The University supports Health and Safety Union Representatives by arranging for allocated time to be spent on health and safety duties. All staff have access to discuss safety matters with their local union representative. The contact details for the Health and Safety Union Representatives