How to use the Health & Safety PDF forms

The safety, health and wellbeing team are changing over from paper based forms to electronic. The new forms use a PDF format which can be completed on a PC and submitted via email. Note that file MUST BE DOWNLOADED. Any boxes outlined in red are mandatory and must be filled in before sending the form. Note that you do not need to sign the forms if you are submitting them via email, just type in the name of the person who is completing the form and enter the date. When you have recorded all the relevant information, especially the mandatory boxes, then click the SUBMIT button (either at the end of the form or at the top of page 1). You will get a pop up window from Outlook pre-filled to, simply click send. If you wish to keep a copy or share with your line manager, then enter the required email address and forward as an attachment. You may also wish to save the completed PDF for your own records.

Known issues

  • Download the file before attempting to complete - the form must not be completed within a web browser - if in doubt click on the HELP button. It will open this page if correctly downloaded
  • Please use a Windows PC wherever possible as some people have experienced difficulties when using a Mac or iPad.
  • Please ensure Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) is up to date, and set browser to allow pop-ups.
  • Depending on how you have your browser set up, the form may open within the browser window - in that case the buttons will not work. To fix this simply download the file and then all the interactive elements will work.
  • Please use Outlook on a desktop wherever possible as some people have experienced difficulties using webmail applications.
  • If you cannot use the electronic form, then it may be printed and filled in manually, then scanned and emailed to or posted to Safety, Health & Wellbeing, Hope Hall, University of Exeter.