Defibrillators on campus

The University has a number of defibrillators on our campuses should Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) be required.

The portable Zoll defibrillator device is easy to use. It automatically diagnoses and treats life threatening cardiac arrhythmias through the application of electrical therapy, allowing the heart to re-establish an effective rhythm. The fully automated defibrillator delivers a shock without the user having to push a button to actually administer it. The shock is commanded by the device software.

Anyone can use these devices by following the instructions. For a demonstration please watch this video on how to use a defibrillator.

The device carries out a self-test on a daily basis, and should there be any issues with the unit, it will bleep to advise you it needs checking. The defibrillator will either tell you that the pads need changing, due to being close to expiry, or that the batteries need changing. If you identify any faults with the product please alert the Health and Safety Department.


Streatham campus

There are eleven defibrillators located on Streatham Campus:

  • Alexander Building
  • Holland Hall Reception
  • Laver Main Reception
  • Lopes Reception
  • Northcote House Reception ( In addition to this Estate Patrol keep a defibrillator in both their vehicles)
  • Physics 1st Floor
  • Sports Park
  • Harrison reception
  • Building One reception
  • Hatherly reception
  • Washington Singer reception (Student information point)

For further information on location of the buildings the defibrillators are housed in please see our Streatham Campus map.

St Luke’s campus

There are three defibrillators located at St Luke's:

  • Richards Building foyer (Sport & Health Science)
  • Baring Court foyer (Sport & Health Science)
  • Sports Centre reception

For further information on location of the buildings the defibrillators are housed in please see our St Luke's Campus map.

Off Campus

Topsham Boathouse:

  • External Boathouse wall next to the main shutter doors opposite the canal

Science Park:

  • Reception area by main entrance.

Penryn campus

The defibrillators located at Penryn

• The Welcome Building (The information building, where security sit beside the barriers as you come into campus)

• Glasney Lodge

• Sports Hall

All first aiders should familiarize themselves with the locations of the defibrillators, however the device can be operated by anyone.