Guidance for managers

Work is good for us and managing stress at an early stage will enable people to remain at work and remain healthy which has long term benefits to the employee and the University. Managing stress at an early stage will result in employees experiencing short term symptoms that are resolved by working with the manager to identify the trigger or “root cause” and putting appropriate and reasonable adjustments in place. Sometimes this can be straight forward, whereas in some cases this can take a longer time to achieve.

Three key steps to ensuring that managers and employees manage stress proactively are:

  • Recognise the issue – understand the signs and symptoms of stress and learn to recognise it in oneself and in the team
  • Talk about it – have regular 1:1’s and support an open door policy so that the team can come to a manager at an early stage to discuss how they are feeling
  • Take Action – based on principles of reasonable adjustments, what can be done in the short, medium and long term (if required). If a solution cannot be found ensure the issue is escalated to the line manager, and/or HR / or Occupational Health who can give advice.

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