St Luke's

Sports Centre             Swimming    
Sports Centre                 Yoga    
Dance Studio         Map: Creative thinking          
Baring Court 03     Introduction to Transcendental Meditation + Q&A

          Positive approach to the menopause  
Baring Court 129             Lego Serious Play: Wellbeing at Work    
The Quad         St Luke's Staff Choir
Performance  & Taster
 Tai Chi 
The Quad           Stalls (including Settled Status Scheme and Bike Checks) European food taster (from 12), Bungee run, music from Richard Bean and The Babysnakes & complementary therapies  
The Quad                  Magic Carpet: Arts and Crafts           

Streatham Campus

Forum Street         Stalls & European food tasters (Food from 12)            Dakar Audio Club
          People Library (Location tbc)              
Forum Sem 1         Team Challenge Room               
Forum Sem 2                      
Forum Sem 3                         Lego Serious Play for Wellbeing at Work      
Forum Sem 4                           Escape Room  
Forum Sem 5                            
Forum Sem 6                            
Forum Sem 7     Health MOTs (Drop in / sign up on door)          
Forum Sem 8                                      
Forum Sem 9          Walking Through Life - Understanding Privilege           Introduction to Transcendental Meditation + Q&A            
Forum Sem 10         Outlook Hints & Tips   Care First: Social Media and Mental Health                    
Forum Sem 11         Creative Writing Support with Sam North                      
Forum Sem 12                                      
Expo Lab 1         Search and Rescue                  
Expo Lab 2 Ways of Working       Positive Approach to the Menopause     Provost Commission - What's Been Happening and What's Next?                
The Ram Bar                             Whose Lecture Is It Anyway?    
M&D Room   Song writing with BSO                              
Great Hall           Inflatable Jungle Run              
North Piazza           Inflatable Rodeo Sheep              
South Piazza              Music: James Dixon 
Magic Carpet: Arts and Crafts       Magic Carpet: Arts and Crafts  
South Piazza          

Complementary therapies

        Music from: James Dixon and The Babysnakes. Bar & BBQ 
Mary Harris Chapel               Staff Choir Performance and Taster                    
Wellcome Centre Library               Armchair Herb Walk                   
Grounds       Herb Walk         Tai Chi Community Gardeners          
Grounds            Photo Word Hunt (Drop in)        
Sports Park         Tennis Badminton Football          
Sports Park                 Legs, Bums & Tums                  
Queens 1C Working Without Fear - All Day Workshop         
Queens 1H             Parents and Carers                       
 Physics SCR                      Creative Thinking with Map Consortium