Seminars and Workshops

For planning your staff festival, this page gives you information of performances, seminars and workshops.  You can also see an overview of these events on the Events Timetable! (Coming Soon)


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Join Magic Carpet in reaping some of the wellbeing benefits of getting creative. Open to all ages!


11:00-12:30 - St Luke's, marquee on Quad

1:30-3:00 - Streatham, in gazebo on South Piazza

4:30 – 6:30  - Streatham, in gazebo on South Piazza


We believe in inspiring growth, well-being and awareness, through the power of creativity for people challenged by health or social circumstances and are celebrating over 35 years of enriching lives through a range of creative activities and workshops. 

Through the creative arts we aim to nurture:Update
WELL-BEING by encouraging emotional and social development
GROWTH by promoting resilience, confidence and self-esteem
COMPASSION by appreciating the pressures of life


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St Luke's 

Streatham Afternoon 

Streatham Evening 

Sam North writers workshop


Come to Streatham to chat with writer and creative writing lecturer Sam North about your writing - fiction or non-fiction, whatever stage of the creative process you may be at! Come in as a group or solo and chat through ideas, get support or feedback, or any other way he can help! 


When: Ten minute slots between 11:00 - 13:00
Where: Forum Seminar Room 11


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Slots are ten minutes but if you will need longer feel free to book two consecutively if there's space!

Re-Source: bringing new ideas to life with Map Consortium


Join Map Consortium  for a refreshing, practical and playful approach to re-imagining the way we work. This workshop will explore idea generation and collaboration, and is open to all staff.

Map Cons


Join us for a refreshing, practical and playful approach to re-imagining the way we work. This workshop will explore idea generation and collaboration, and is open to all staff.


We will explore questions such as:


  • How do we maintain a dynamic way of working under pressure?


  • What helps us to uncover new ideas more readily?


  • What does it take to collaborate?


The session will be led by Fiona Lesley from the award-winning Map Consortium. The Map draw on skills, tools and processes from the world of the arts to provide insightful, accessible and dynamic career development experiences for professionals across sector and discipline.


Previous Participants:


I loved it! It’s given me lots of inspiration


It was a great experience, it felt relaxing - I was lost in the moment


It’s opened up a lot for me - it will help me to change some old habits I’ve felt stuck in.




REGISTER FOR STREATHAM (Physics Senior Common Room)

St Luke's: 11:00 - 12:30

Streatham : 13:30 - 15:00


Learn to manage your inbox, rather than your inbox managing you.

When: 11:00-12:00 

Where: Forum Seminar Room 10

 As a member of staff at the University, you probably use Outlook for your emails and your diary; find out what else Outlook can do for you to help you in your day to day work.

As a result of attending this session, you will be given tips to:.
- Manage incoming email.
- Get the most from rules and conditional formatting.
- Mark incoming mail as read.
- Get email actions completed using the calendar and task lists.
- Respond to messages using Quick Parts.





Care First

 Care First will be giving a short talk on Social Media and Mental Health, giving insight into the overuse symptoms of excessive social media use, some of the impacts physically and emotionally of social media overuse, how to identify these symptoms and simple tips for monitoring your social media usage.

 Forum seminar room 10, 12:30 - 13:15

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Care First also have a stall where they are happy to answer questions about their service and what they provide, as well as chatting about financial wellbeing, managing pressure, stress and finding ways through it and mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Lego Serious Play


This hands on two hour workshop will introduce participants to Lego Serious Play and use it to think about ideas around what ‘wellbeing at work’ means. Participants will learn basic Lego Serious Play skills and have an opportunity to use those skills to think creatively about what ‘wellbeing at work’ means to them as individuals and to the group as a whole. The workshop group is small so do book fast if you want a place!


Book Streatham (15:00 - 17:00, Forum Seminar Room 3)

Book St Luke's (12:00 - 14:00, Baring Court 129)


Please note: we’ll need to start on time so please arrive 5/10 minutes before the workshop is due to start.


Working Without Fear are running an all day workshop in the Queen's building (Queens 1C) on domestic violence in the workplace. 

The workshop is a one day course for upto 15 employees, and is split into five keys areas:

1. Understanding and Spotting the Signs of DVA within the workplace:

  • Definitions and a firm understanding of Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Stalking. 
  • Identifying the behaviours of a  Perpetrator.
  • Identifying the DVA signs of a Victim which can include: Psychological, Emotional, Financial, Sexual and Physical damage. 

2. Risk and Impact on the Individual and the Organisation

  • Identifying the risks and impact on your organisation. 
  • Identifying the impact on the victim and their colleagues.
  • How to reduce the risks. 

3. Raising Awareness and Taking Action

  • Raising awareness within the workplace of DVA.
  • Exploring Case Studies of DVA within the workplace
  • Clare’s Law
  • Hollie Guard

4. Creating the Policy and Implementation

  • Create a draft policy
  • Procedure for implementing the policy.
  • The Pledge
  • Identifying DVA Champions
  • Examples of good employer intervention through videos and case studies. 

5. Responding to a Disclosure, Handling Perpetrators and Signposting

  • How to handle a disclosure with practice sessions. 
  • How to support a colleague and DVA Champion. 
  • How to deal with a perpetrator.
  • Signposting



In England and Wales domestic abuse costs £1.9billion a year in lost economic output. This hard-hitting fact is due to decreased productivity, administration difficulties from unplanned time off, lost wages and sick pay. Domestic abuse can impact negatively on an employee’s health and wellbeing. It can also impact on staff morale as well as organisational image and reputation. One of the main action points in the Domestic Homicide Review, following the murder of Hollie Gazzard, was that organisations need to be engaged and proactive on this subject.

Working Without Fear is a tailor-made programme designed to help organisations recognise what domestic violence and stalking is, the implications and help them respond appropriately so that  staff  are protected. Working Without Fear will help staff understand the individual challenges they may face with regard to staff wellbeing.


Implications for staff 

With research showing that one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime, it is likely that organisations employ staff who have experienced, or who are currently experiencing abuse and/or stalking, as well as employing those who are perpetrators. The programme will assist in establishing best practice when it comes to strategies supporting the wellbeing of staff  suffering from domestic abuse and stalking.

Working Without Fear will highlight what desperately heinous crimes domestic violence and stalking really are and the devastating impact they have on staff and the organisation. It will help managers understand how to recognise the signs, know what their legal and moral responsibilities entail, how to intervene early and how to help create a culture and environment where staff are ‘Working Without Fear’ encouraging them to come forward and seek assistance.





Joanna Hurry (disability adviser, occupational health) and psychologist Dr Louise Pendry have joined forces to talk about the experience of menopause.


Dr Pendry’s research has shown that a positive mind-set can help to improve the experience of menopause and may reduce symptoms. Join us for a session about understanding and managing the menopause, offering practical tip to support you at work and home.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the menopause, want an opportunity to ask questions and network this might be for you. Refreshments provided!


Streatham: Expo Lab 2, 11:30 - 12:30 Book here

St Luke's: Baring Court 03, 13:30 - 14:30 Book here












Drop-ins welcome, but booking gives us an idea of numbers for refreshments

Ever wondered what medicinal plants might be growing in your local area, masquerading as common-or-garden trees, shrubs or ‘weeds’?

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Join experienced herbalist Melanie Shaw to meet and learn about the many medicinal plants that inhabit our waysides, fields and hedgerows, from the comfort of a chair or sofa!

We will be in the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health for this informal ‘Armchair’ herb walk, where you will have the chance to examine some of the herbs seen out on the Herb Walk  and find out more about their uses and folklore.


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12:30 - 14:00

One year on from when the Provost Commission was set up, this session will provide an overview of actions undertaken, what’s in the pipeline and how these will be taken forward. Provost Professor Janice Kay will share some of the thinking which has come from the Provost Commission and how the group have been exploring new techniques in cultural competence to make our university more welcoming and diverse.

janice kay provost

Forum Expo Lab 2

13:30 - 14:30

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One of the VCEG priorities for the year was to consider how we improve the way we work together. This session will explore the work underway and invite discussion on the main strands of activity which include; embedding departments into the senior management team, systems and processes enhancements and changes to our culture of decision making. Meaningful culture change takes time and views are welcomed on how we progress this journey.


09:30 – 10:30 

Forum Expo Lab 2


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Join Transcendental Meditation teacher Adam Wright for an intro to TM – what it is, what it’s for and what it can do for you. This will be followed by an opportunity for questions and answers! All welcome, including (polite) sceptics!

Transcendental Meditation Adam Wright


Book St Luke's (Baring Court 03, 10:00 – 11:00)

Book Streatham (Seminar Room 9, 14:30 - 15:30)


Adam will also be a 'book' in our People Library. 


We will be welcoming Natalie Bracher and Melody Barnes from Student Recruitment who will be talking about supporting young people on the transition into university life.  Come and join us from 12 for tea and coffee and please feel free to bring your lunch.


12:00 - 13:00, Queens 1H.


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This is an interactive session about understanding ones privilege and how we can support those who aren't as privileged as us. 

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11:00 - 12:00

Forum Seminar Room 9


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The sessions will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the universal significance of "music", of harmony and rhythm, as resonance and vibration. You will have the opportunity to explore its role in informing matter, how it can communicate across dimensions, aid memory, heal and bring well-being; and also how much fun and how easy it is to write songs. If you have an instrument, do bring it along!


M&D Room, Devonshire House. 

09:30 - 11:00. 

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