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Staff Life Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join or leave Staff Life Plus. How do I do this? 

Information on how to join or leave is available here, along with the terms. 


Can I attend 'Free for members' sessions if I am not a Staff Life Plus member? 

Yes! All Staff Life activities and groups are may be attended by all staff. However if you are not a Staff Life Plus member, you will have to pay for each session you attend. Info and links to the online store are available on the pages for the sessions.


I joined Staff Life Plus, but haven't received my card yet. What do I do? 

It may take a little time to process your joining request. In the meantime, feel free to attend sessions as a Staff Life Plus member while you wait for your card to arrive. If you do not receive your card after a month, please email so we can chase it up.


I cancelled my membership but have been charged again. What do I do? 

Memberships are usually processed on or just after the 15th of each month so that payroll have time to amend your deductions for payday at the end of the month. It can therefore take up to a month to process membership cancellations and you may be charged one final time after sending a request to cancel.  However, if you are charged beyond this please email so we can resolve the problem and effect a refund if you've been overcharged. 


I cancelled my membership but I have lost my Staff Life Plus card, so cannot send it back. What do I do? 

Please send an email to explaining that you no longer have a card to send back, otherwise it may delay the cancellation process while we wait for it to arrive with us. 


I paid for a session but can't attend any more. Can I get a refund? 

Usually a refund is not available, however, once you have cancelled your session email and we'll see if we can move you to a session that you are available for. 


How do I cancel a class booked via Eventbrite? 

If you have booked a place into a session via Eventbrite but can no longer attend, please cancel your order so that the place is available for someone else. To do this log into Eventbrite, and hover over the person icon in the top right corner. Then click tickets/ upcoming events, then cancel the appropriate ticket/ event. Please note that the 'cancel' option doesn't appear when attempting to cancel via the iPhone app and some other mobile devices. In this case you should please use a standard web login. As a last resort, you could email but this inbox is maintained by a part time member of staff so may not be received in time to process the cancellation and free up the spot for someone else to attend.


My Eventbrite ticket has a different location to the website info. Which is correct?

As Eventbrite ticketing is done as a repeating event, individual room changes cannot be made. If the website info says there is a room change, please follow that rather than the room Eventbrite lists on your ticket.


I want to set up a new Staff Life session, activity or group. How do I do this? 

More information on how to do this is here. We love to encourage new groups where there is enough interest (and funding) to do so.