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Every Wednesday (previously Tuesdays) Dance Studio - Register your place here



Classes are run by Rebecca Cunningham

Mats are providedbut please bring your own if possible. Please wear suitable clothing which allows you free body movement but which also holds 'body bits' in place and out of sight when moving around. Suggested dress code: non-restrictive clothing to enable a range of movement whilst still providing adequate body cover and hygiene considerations as mats are shared e.g. long/knee length shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms, T-shirt, socks/Pilates socks.  


Spaces are limited and the room is subject to change, so please book on EventBrite to reserve your place. Please notify Rebecca before the class if you have any medical conditions or injuries.

Staff Life Plus Members: FREE You must book a place. For St Lukes classes book here. For Streatham classes book here and choose a class time using the 'select a date' blue button on that page.

Non-members: In addition to registering your place above through Eventbrite you must pay £3 for your place through the online store.


"I have attended Becky's Pilates class for five months now and only missed one class because I was away. Each week I'm really looking forward to the class. Becky structures each class beautifully and is a cheerful and inspiring teacher. From week to week she makes the classes more challenging without ever making them too difficult to cope. I feel she has gradually built up our strength and suppleness. The classes are a here joy to participate in and I cannot recommend them highly enough." -Professor Ricarda Schmidt


How to cancel a booking

1. Login to eventbrite - this can also be accessed from your email confirmation.

2. Click on upcoming events.

3. Click on the event you wish to cancel.

4. Click cancel. The space then becomes available to those on the waiting list.