12.30 - 13.00, via Zoom

Streatham Sings is a weekly lunchtime choir for University of Exeter staff. We sing music that is quick to learn, and accessible to all no matter your experience. During lockdown we are singing via Zoom which is very different to our usual wonderful acoustics of the Mary Harris Chapel. However, we are meeting in good numbers and in good heart and finding singing to be wonderfully therapeutic. Online, we are able to sing call and response tunes, rounds and tunes with simple harmonies. In a new development we are making up our own songs arising out of our present experiences. Our weekly rehearsals also an opportunity to chat with other members of the choir and check on how we’re all getting on.'

All staff and PGRs (from all campuses), university volunteers and retired staff are welcome to join. This is just for fun and no previous singing experience is required.

For more information on how to join the group on Zoom and to join their mailing list please email Alex Dudgeon.

While Staff Life Plus is under review due to the fast changing world we current live in, membership fees are not being taken and payments for instructor-led classes should, in this interim period, please be paid to the class instructor directly. Detailed information on costs etc. will be published here on Monday the 1st of June once confirmed by the choir leader. Contact Alex qith queries in the meantime.


"Singing in a choir can boost your mental health, a new study has found. While the feel-good effects of singing have long been recognised, there is growing evidence that it can have a positive impact on a range of physical and psychological conditions!" Source:

"I come to choir because I really like music. I’ve never had any singing lessons but learning by ear makes it easy to pick up new songs, and it’s really fun to be singing in a group and suddenly realise that it sounds great. It’s a good way to meet people from around the University, and I always leave feeling more relaxed." - Hannah

"In my previous workplace I was part of the staff choir and when I moved here I realised how much I had missed taking part in this activity. Choir makes me feel happy and at peace with myself. I feel able to cope better with life’s little problems and I always walk back to the office with a spring in my step and humming the tunes we have practised." - Tracey

"I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the staff choir. The sessions are always good humoured and enjoyable, and there is a very good sense of community. Singing in the choir is the highlight of my week and is an excellent way to beat stress!" - Simon