Hatha Yoga

12:30-13:30, via Zoom

Due to Covid 19 face to face classes aren't possible at the moment but Cass invites you to join her regular Tuesday 12.30 - 13.30pm Staff Life Yoga session from the comfort of your own home. While Staff Life Plus is under review due to the fast changing world we current live in, membership fees are not being taken and fees should, in this interim period, please be paid to the class instructor directly (see below for info).

More than ever Yoga is here to help us navigate these extremely challenging times. In addition you are welcome to book onto any of the other sessions she hosts from the Zoom platform - an imensely kind offer on the part of the instructor.

In addition Cass is hosting a 6.30am sadhana, a special way to greet your day and help keep you in the work week flow. This is a daily 40 minute easy warm up, meditation and relaxation session that gives you the chance to practice without interruption! 

Please contact her on cass@cassandracollins.co.uk for all details on how to book. 

Cass is asking for a contribution of at least £6 per 60 minute online class although if those who have the means are happy to pay more, that is greatly appreciated as her normal classes would be £9.


Cassandra Collins - Biography

With more than 17 years of yoga practice in Africa, India and the UK, as well as two international certificates in teaching, classes with Cass offer a soulful connection to nature, the elements and our inner tutor (intuition). An instinctive enthusiasm for movement (dance, gymnastics, rock climbing) nutrition and healthy living meant that it was a matter of time before Cass discovered the yogic path and embraced it as a life style. An ever increasing curiosity in humanology is what inspires Cass’ path and played a part in her decision to leave South Africa in 2014 and explore ancestral roots here in the UK.

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Check out Cassandra's website for more information: www.cassandracollins.co.uk