Tai Chi (692 x 290)

Tai chi

Mondays (except bank holidays)

13.00 – 13.45, Streatham Sports Park, Studio 3 


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All members of staff and PGRs are welcome to come and enjoy these sessions including temps. The moves of Tai Chi and Qigong are easy to learn and the low impact workout leaves you feeling good in body and mind.

Tai chi is a comprehensive and easy to learn system of movement based on principles of relaxation, physical alignments and mindfulness. Its natural shapes and flowing rhythm are designed to develop strength, flexibility and all round human health. The Staff Life Plus tai chi groups (Streatham and St. Luke's) meet once a week for just under an hour. In recognising everyone’s work commitments, no one is expected to attend every week. You simply come when you are able. The classes are fun with a social dimension but are also a dedicated time for you. You will find that the physical exercise and mental focus help to relieve the stresses of intense work demands and time spent working with computer screens. 

The first half of each class is spent working with moves and exercises designed to free tensions, loosen muscles and bring about a natural and healthy physical alignment. The second part of the class takes a quieter approach where the moves encourage an inner attentiveness, which develops a feeling of calm. Tai chi is for everyone - young and old, women and men, the already fit and the not so fit and it can even be played seated. So feel free to come and join a session and see what it's like.

The classes are run by Angus Clark who is an experienced instructor, author and honorary vice-president of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. His website is www.livingmovement.com


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Streatham sessionsAnka, A.Djordjevic@exeter.ac.uk

Staff Life Plus members: FREE - please book (see links at the top of the page).
University of Exeter Staff Non-members: in addition to registering your place above through Eventbrite you must pay £3 via the online store.