Tai Chi (692 x 290)

Tai chi


12.30 - 1.30 

Please note the next class will be on June the 15th as Angus is taking some well earned leave.

Due to Covid 19 we can't currently run face to face classes. For the next few weeks, there will be a combined class for St Luke’s and Streatham groups together for one hour on Mondays, starting at 12:30 until 13:30, using Zoom online. Please note that there is a password required and you will need to contact the class administrator (see below) to receive the link to the class and the password in advance of the class. People are able and welcome to join before this time for a chat, Angus will then ask everyone to put their settings to Mute.  If you join the class a little after the start time, please ensure that you switch to mute straightaway.  There will also be a short chat after the class.

All members of staff and PGRs are welcome to come and enjoy these sessions. 

While Staff Life Plus is under review due to the fast changing world we current live in, membership fees are not being taken and payments for instructor-led classes should, in this interim period, please be paid to the class instructor directly. 

Angus will be running a series of 4 classes in the interim, 15 June - 6 July at £5 per class Pay As You Go.

Contacts for questions on the classes, links, Meeting ID details and password for the Zoom sessions and be added to their mailing lists:

Anka, A.Djordjevic@exeter.ac.uk

Kathryn, k.v.s.fyfe@exeter.ac.uk 

The moves of Tai Chi and Qigong are easy to learn and the low impact workout leaves you feeling good in body and mind. The classes will include exercises, key moves and a little bit of short form.

The classes are run by Angus Clark who is an experienced instructor, author and honorary vice-president of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. His website is www.livingmovement.com