Staff Craft Club

Wednesday 1230-1330, LSI Weston Exchange Hub

This is a weekly slot to work on your latest craft project, meet like-minded colleagues and share tips and advice. 

Our members have a range of abilities from beginners to experienced crafters and bring along a wide range of creative pastimes including knitting, quilting, colouring and photo-editing. This is a related group and you do not have to commit to every meeting.

"Human beings have always enjoyed making things together, in groups.  Such group activities play many roles in our lives – they provide us with a safe space to be in with other people who are like us; they bring us companionship, and facilitate the sharing of problems and concerns in a non-judgmental atmosphere; and they allow us to take part in the making of something that can be of value to others.  Each of these benefits – being in a safe space, sharing and caring for each other, and altruistic activities, are known to improve health and wellbeing.”  
                                                                                    — Professor Paul Dieppe, Professor of Health and Wellbeing, University of Exeter.

For more information email Jen Creaser ( or just turn up at the next session.