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Covid-19: we've suspended all membership payments (previously £4.33/ month) while we restructure Staff Life Plus. A number of classes are available online at the moment either at no cost or, for those with fees attached, by payments made directly to the instructor for the timebeing.  We'll be in touch with all members if and when membership fees are restarted so that there's no danger of double charging. 

All University staff and PGRs can join in with our activities. This includes temporary staff from the university's Temporary Staff Bank, visiting academics, retired staff who are UERSA members (see below) and other staff based at the University but employed independently e.g. at INTO, at businesses within The Innovation Centre and at the Northcote Theatre. There may be some other situations not covered here so contact us if you're unsure at

However, only those paid on the main University of Exeter payroll are eligible to join Staff Life Plus as full members with outgoings taken directly from your wages each month.

If you are not paid through the main payroll you will need to purchase an associate membership OR simply join in classes ad-hoc at the applicable rate per class (usually £3). 

Retired staff who join the University of Exeter Retired Staff Association (UERSA) will receive Staff Life rates for events. Unfortunately we cannot accept membership applications from retired staff, as this would be a conflict of interest with the University of Exeter Retired Staff Association (UERSA). However, Please visit the UERSA website for details of how to join them.

Complete the online Staff Life Plus membership form.

Membership to Staff Life Plus costs £1 per week which is deducted from your salary on a monthly basis. Membership is for a minimum of 6 months from the date of application and at least 1 month's notice must be given to withdraw.

Due to difficulties in running most of our groups during the 2020 pandemic we've suspended all membership fees until further notice. These won't recommence until we have a clear future plan for Staff Life Plus. Perhaps you would consider seeing those plans before leaving? We'll be in touch with all members in advance of fees restarting so you'll still have plenty of notice should you wish to leave then.  

To withdraw from Staff Life Plus now complete the online cancellation form. Cancellations are processed monthly and must be submitted before the 14th of each month so that we can process in time for that month's payroll. In December this will be earlier. Please check the payroll deadlines dates here but be aware that the StaffLife Administrator works Tues-Thurs only.