Employee Engagement Survey 2018 Timeline

5-26 November 2018 Survey was open
29 November 2018 Announcement of charity total pounds raised and completion rates
Dec 2018-Jan 2019 Analysis of results by ORC International, the independent company who run the survey for us
21 -23 January 2019

Sharing of results: VCEG, PSLT, Unions, headline results by email, reports sent to PS Directors and College DCOs

January - March 2019 Action planning in colleges and services
Week of 11 February 2019
  • University level results published on website
  • College and Service results published on our webpages
12 March 2019  Positive Working Environment action planning summit for University-wide themes
Mid- April to Mid-May Testing phase for University-wide theme suggested actions: focus groups, SMG and Senate meetings
May 2019 Highlights from college and service level action plans shared
July 2019 University-level theme action plans shared