Mr Richard Thompson

Richard has just completed thirty-three years in Government service during which time he has had extensive policy and operational experience in the security, intelligence and defence world.  He  was Commissioned into the Royal Green Jackets (1978 – 88), served in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (1989 – 2007), and was the Chief Constable of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (2007 – 12).   His postings overseas included Hong Kong, France, Oman, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Kosovo, and Iraq.  He held a number of senior domestic appointments in the Cabinet Office and the Home Office as well as geographic operational commands for Central and Eastern Europe within the FCO before becoming the first civilian to become a Chief Constable since 1947, when he took up the responsibility for providing the armed police protection for all British civil nuclear sites and the transhipment of fissile material both inside the UK and internationally.

He is a lay member of the Bar Standards Board and Chairman of their Governance Risk and Audit Committee; an Honorary Fellow at King’s College London; an Honorary Fellow at Exeter University; and a visiting lecturer at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.

He was educated at St Paul’s School, London; Exeter University; Harvard Business School; and Bramshill Police College.