Continuation Fees

Information with regard to changes applicable to students who entered the University from the academic year 2009/10.

Periods of Study

As a postgraduate research student you will have been made aware of the period you will have been given in order to complete your studies. You are normally expected to have completed your programme (received your award) within your maximum period of study.

If you register as a full-time PhD student, for example, submission of the PhD thesis is normally at the end of the third year, with the fourth year available for preparation of the viva voce, and any amendments that may be required to the thesis after the viva.

Details of periods of study for all programmes are available here.

For information on periods of study and council tax please see here.

Continuation Status 

Students may be permitted to transfer to Continuation Status where the College is able to assure itself that the student has completed their research and will not undertake any significant additional research. Such students are considered to be writing-up their thesis, and are not charged normal full-time or part-time fees. Students on Continuation Status are not returned in the Research Activity Survey, and therefore do not attract quality-related research (QR) funding. Academic grounds are the primary consideration; however students who have transferred to continuation status will be expected to make minimal use of University resources

A move to Continuation Status, however, is not an automatic right for a student, but only granted on the basis of a decision by the College that the student no longer requires normal levels of supervision (i.e. is now in the process of 'writing up'), and will be expected to submit within 12 months.

For more information see the Statement of Procedures: Periods of Registration and Changes to Registration Status for Graduate Research Students.

For information on continuation status and council tax please see here.

Focusing on Completion

It is a strategic aim of the University, in positioning itself as a top institution both nationally and internationally, to improve the number of research students who complete their programmes within four years, as this is a measure of performance used by, for example, the Research Councils. In doing so the University is committed to ensuring that appropriate support is provided to students to support timely completion.

This has benefits for individual students too, for example, PhD students who have submitted by the end of the first term (i.e. of their fourth year of study if full-time) are able to enter that year’s recruitment cycle for academic and doctoral research posts.

Continuation Fees  - Entry after 1st August 2010

Changes have been made to the continuation fee charged. To better reflect the periods of study described above, a term will now be taken to mean one single 4 month period. 

If you spend one 4 month period or less on continuation status you will not be required to pay continuation fees. However, if you remain registered on continuation status you will be charged a fee for every subsequent 4 month period. This fee will be invoiced at the start of each 4 month period.

The Fee will be set at £200 for each 4 month period; it will be possible to pay this in full or by monthly instalments of £50. 

Please note: If you submit during a term, the £200.00 charge will be amended on a pro rata basis depending on the number of months you were registered before submitting.

First  four month period


Subsequent four month period


Research Council funded students receive awards which cover fee costs and will not be invoiced for continuation fees. If your fees are paid by a sponsor you may need to check the terms and conditions of your award to ascertain whether you would be responsible for paying the continuation fee.

Finance Information

Once your enrolment status changes to continuation you will be charged £200 on a 4 monthly basis after the first four month period has ended. An invoice will be sent to you by the Student Fees Team and payment is due 2 weeks after the date of the invoice.

For information on how to make a payment, please see our ‘Home/EU Students’ web page.

If you are unable to make payment in full we advise you contact the Student Information Desk (SID) on 0300 555 0444 (UK callers) or +44 (0)1392 724724 (International callers)

Alternatively please log an enquiry through SID Online or Email:

For further details please see our Student Finance web pages.

You should discuss any concerns you may have with regard to your period of study or your registration status (e.g. to do with changing to continuation status) with your Supervisor in the first instance. If you have a broader query to do with these procedures please speak to a member of your College's administration responsible for Postgraduate Research students who can direct your query, or if you were directed to this page by an email from your College please refer to that email, which will tell you who best to contact.