Student Contract 2021-2022

For students studying with the University the Student Contract will apply. Successful study at University stems from a partnership between students and staff. The Contract sets out how this partnership will operate and your rights and responsibilities as a student, and states the obligations of both parties to each other. In addition, there is information on programmes, tuition fees and complaints, cancellation and termination rights and data protection and intellectual property principles.

You must read the full terms of the Student Contract and the documents referred to in it, which are available on the University’s website, prior to accepting an offer of a place at the University and/ or before registration. You will be required to sign up to the Student Contract each year as part of your academic registration.

Your contract with the University will be legally binding when it takes effect and it will govern your relationship with the University. If there is anything that you are unsure of, you should contact the University.

You may also have other contractual arrangements with other organisations, such as the Student Loans Company or accommodation provider. Make sure that you understand these separate arrangements.

The Student Contract received approval from the University’s Council in July 2019. A review is undertaken on an annual basis.

Amendments made to the Student Contract on an annual basis are set out here:

Accessibility: If you would like a hard copy of the student contract, or a copy in another format, please contact SID.