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Emergency Assistance Fund

Emergency Assistance Fund

This fund will close to applications on Thursday 27 August and is being replaced by a new scheme. You can apply for funding through the University's Success for All Fund from 2 September.

The University in partnership with its alumni community has created an Emergency Assistance Fund to help you if you are experiencing unexpected financial difficulties due to the Coronavirus outbreak.  All registered undergraduate and postgraduate University of Exeter students facing financial difficulty because of the crisis are eligible to apply, irrespective of fee-status.

Depending on your circumstances, payment may be made as

  1. An emergency loan with 0% interest (e.g. if you have financial means but are unable to access them)
  2. A non-repayment grant (e.g. for additional expenses which you don’t have the means to repay)
  3. A combination of both

What is covered

Priority will be given to students stranded away from home or facing particular hardship due to the current situation. Examples of expenses covered by this emergency funding may include:

  • Groceries and other household items
  • Utility bills, council tax and other essential expenses (where deferred payment schemes are not in place)
  • Adjustments required as a result of self-isolation or falling ill with the virus
  • Emergency medical or dental bills
  • Interim funding while waiting for benefits, reimbursement of wages, insurance payments etc

What will not be funded through the scheme

In all but exceptional cases, the following will not be covered, although if relevant these factors should be included as context to help us consider your application.

  • IT or other equipment to support studying at home. Instead please apply to our Emergency IT Loan Scheme.
  • Long term support due to an ongoing situation or shortfall in funding unrelated to Covid19. Instead please apply to our Hardship and Retention Fund.
  • Losses covered by other emergency schemes or insurance policies (e.g. replacement of wages which should be reimbursed via your employer; mortgage payments or lost travel costs) although you may apply for support in the interim while waiting for payment
  • Non-essential personal bills
  • Fines or legal expenses   

What you should expect from us

We will do our best to process your application as quickly as we can but will prioritise depending on individual circumstances, so we can deal with the most urgent cases first.

To help us respond quickly, please provide as much information as you can upfront and where requested attach supporting documentation.

We will aim to make decisions on the most urgent cases within two working days, with payment made as soon as possible after that time. In all other cases we will do our best to respond to your application as quickly as we can and within appropriate timescales based on the information you have provided.

What we expect from you

For us to help those students in most urgent need, please

  • Provide as much relevant information and evidence as you can within your application
  • Give us an honest assessment of your circumstances and how quickly you need financial help (don’t be tempted to say you need urgent help if you can wait a few days or a couple of weeks, you may be delaying help for others in more need)
  • Respond quickly if we request you for more information
  • If we give you a loan, please repay it promptly within the timescale agreed

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all registered undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to apply regardless of fee status. Priority will be given to international students normally resident overseas who are unable to return home due the current situation.

No. Your application will be considered in the same way as if you were a full-time student – in other words according to need.

Yes, all registered undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to apply.

No, you are entitled to apply for this scheme whatever your circumstances. You will need to provide details however as to why your current funding does not cover all your needs at this time.

Yes. We understand you may wish to apply more than once if your situation changes over the next few weeks. If you apply more than once, we will take into account any previous sums awarded when deciding your application.

Applications are based on need and must be evidenced, so you should only apply for what you need. The maximum awarded per person during the lifetime of the Fund will be capped at £1,000 although it is expected most awards will be considerably lower. Exceptions may be made in the case of severe hardship.

Applications from the same household will be considered but you should clearly distinguish within your application, what support you are applying for as an individual and how this relates to joint expenses (if applicable).

Joint applications will only be considered in the case of students who are married or have a legal partnership, in which case you must make it clear that you are making the application as a couple.

Loans will be issued with 0% interest and must be repaid within 12 months.

As a minimum you should send us copies of the latest statement for each of your bank accounts including savings. You should also send us relevant evidence relating to your claim. This might include invoices, a statement from someone familiar with your circumstances, letters, receipts [but only for substantial items] etc. You can upload this information with your application easily in a variety of formats such as images from your phone.

No, we will assume a level of household expenditure e.g. on groceries, so you don’t need you to send us grocery receipts or other receipts for small household items.  You should only include this type of information if you have additional costs e.g. you have dietary requirements incurring a higher level of expenditure.

Thank you

We would like to thank our Exeter Alumni Community and Santander Universities UK for their considerable donations to assist in the establishment of this Fund.