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After the Placement

On the student’s last day, we recommend a few strategies to ensure a positive ongoing relationship between employer and student following the placement arrangement: 

  • We encourage a two-way review of the placement experience, where the line manager offers an honest appraisal of the student’s progress over the course of the placement.  

  • You may also invite the student to give a short presentation on their experience during the final review as a means to gather feedback and any fresh insights into the business or organisation to carry forward. 

  • You may be in a position to discuss further opportunities with the placement student. These may include short-term work during vacation time or graduate roles. 

  • We particularly encourage students to keep in touch with employers via a range of appropriate channels, including email, LinkedIn or other social media. 

The University would be pleased to stay in touch with the organisation following the placement and can help to develop and advertise further roles.  

You may also consider becoming involved in promoting your organisation or your placement opportunity at one of our Careers Fairs. We also regularly invite employers to give recruitment presentations, or to get involved in our Professional Pathways or Access to Internships (A2I) schemes. 

You may be interested in advertising a Student Business Partnership opportunity, available to students from any discipline and degree stage. The scheme connects employers operating in the South West with talented and motivated Exeter students to undertake paid work. 

Please see the Employer Engagement and Student Employment page to find out more about the above.