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Digital and Coding Skills

Digital and Coding campaign

Join us for Digital and Coding Week, 13-17 February 2023!

Despite forecasts of a recession following the global pandemic, data shows that nearly half (42%) of employers find it difficult to fill IT jobs in programming and coding. This sector is currently suffering from a skills shortage, but continues to develop at a fast pace. The computer games industry accounts for about 52% of spending in entertainment - meaning it is bigger than film, TV and music combined, but there aren’t enough graduates to fill roles.

Jobs are available not only for computer science and engineering graduates but to all graduates who have an interest in technology, and who are prepared to up-skill themselves. There are a lot of resources available to help you do this.

The Coding and Digital week is designed to introduce you to a variety of technical skills that you can continue to develop with the support of the resources presented here. It also aims to raise the profile of roles in IT in areas such as Healthcare, 3D printing, Gaming, App development, Software development and Information Security, that recruiters currently struggle to fill. According to research from LinkedIn (2021), 150 million new technology jobs will be created in the next 5 years. BUT nearly 40% of the UK’s working population lack digital skills required to do these jobs. 

Use spaces like Github so that employers can dip in and look at your portfolio – give yourself a public profile to highlight your work and see what other people have done in the way of coding. Employers are interested in candidates who can demonstrate their interest through the research they have done and from taking the initiative to learn how to code – your interest and passion for the digital sector must shine through.

Having been introduced to the basics you can decide whether this is a sector you wish to explore further.

Employer Event: Career Opportunities in Data

Join The Bright Initiative to explore the different avenues that data travels in, how it impacts our world and what we can expect in the future. Book here.

Employer Event: Introduction to Web Data

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Internal skill sessions

The Career Zone run a range of sessions including Strategic Thinking, Leadership Skills, LinkedIn Lab, Choosing and Planning Your Career and Presentation Skills. For a full list of events and to book your place visit Handshake.       

Career Zone Podcast

We’ve released special episodes of the Career Zone Podcast; listen on Spotify or iTunes.


Gain insights into a range of different tech companies with the Virtual Experience programmes at Forage.  


Explore more about what the Future of Work will look like with our free online course on FutureLearn.

Employment Sector Information

 Jobs are available to all graduates who have an interest in technology. Visit the IT sector page and Prospects to find out more.

Alumni Profiles

Click here to find out how coding skills have helped University of Exeter Alumni, Jared Wilson-Aggarwal.