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University of Exeter Employment Awards

The University of Exeter's Employment Awards aim to celebrate the achievements of students, graduate business partners, and their employers in the southwest business community.

Our 2022 Winner was Yasmine Fosu, nominated by Deborah Mitchell from RJ Working.

Read Yasmine's winning nomination 2022

University of Exeter Employment Awards 2023

The university's Employment Awards are an opportunity to celebrate current students, graduate business partners, and their employers and recognise the valueable employment partnerships that are formed in the local community.

Guidelines for Employers

Students and graduates who are making an impact in the workplace can be nominated for an award which is a prestigious accolade that can be added to their CV to demonstrate their strengths.

All employers who nominate a student will be invited to the awards ceremony on Friday 26th May 2023 at the Forum on Streatham Campus.

Nominate your student or graduate employee

Guidelines for Students and Graduates

If you would like your employer to be recognised for the support they have provided, nominating them for an award is a great way to raise awareness of their brand across Exeter's business community.  This also has the potential to increase future working opportunities for students and graduates.

Nominate your Employer 

The closing date for all nominations is midnight on Sunday 2nd April 2023.

The nominations will be reviewed by a panel of judges and everyone involved is invited to our Awards Ceremony on Friday 26th May 2023 where the results will be revealed.

If you have any queries you can contact the awards organiser, Rebecca Lenthall, at



How do I ask my employer to nominate me?


Your employer can nominate you for an award in one of four categories:


Business Impact - employee has improved commerce, commercial viability, or business processes.

Leadership - employee has demonstrated leadership qualities.

Innovation - employee has successfully brought a new idea to the working environment.

Community - employee has improved community engagement or similar.


First, consider the category that you think you should be nominated for. Then, put together some points that demonstrate your contribution in this area.


For example, if you would like to be nominated for the ‘community’ category, perhaps you have organised an event that has raised awareness of your organisation and increased engagement within the local community?


If you would like to be nominated for your contribution to ‘business impact,’ can you provide evidence of how you have increased, for example, revenue, followers on social media, or how you have streamlined processes within the company you have been working for?


Next, contact your employer/line manager by email and ask if you could discuss a nomination with them at your next 1:1 meeting or catch up. This way you have already ‘broken the ice’ around the topic which can feel a bit easier than broaching the topic up front.


At the meeting, you can then ask if they would consider nominating you for an award in your chosen category, to recognise the work you did around a specific project, the targets you hit in a certain area, etc.


You may find that a mention in an email will be enough to prompt your employer to nominate you, but if they do wish to discuss it further (most likely just to understand what the awards are and what is expected of them, not because they are questioning whether you deserve an award!), then you will be prepared to do so.


It’s worth bearing in mind that you can nominate your employer for an award too. Many of the nominations we see for the awards are reciprocal, so this is something you can mention to your employer during the conversation too – assuming you intend to nominate them.


If you have any further questions about how to approach the topic of a nomination with your employer, remember you can reach out to the Casual Jobs Team any time at and we will be more than happy to help!



Employer of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations to Patrick Huang from MeatFreed 

Highly Commended

TQR, Total Quality Recruitment received the most nominations from Students at the University of Exeter


The 2022 Employer Nominations

RJ Working wrote the winning student nomination in the awards

Hatless Studios

Apis First

Foundation Media

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Concious Creatives

University of Exeter

University of Exeter Students' Guild

The 2022 Student Employee of the Year Awards

Student Employee of the Year 2022 Winner

Yasmine Fosu, nominated by Deborah Mitchell at RJ Working

Category Award Winners

Business Impact: Ozz Wills

Community: Rebecca Jeavons

Leadership: Andrew Wilson

Innovation: Hannah Matthews

Employer: Patrick Huang at MeatFreed

All Photos from the Event at Streatham


The Student Employee of the Year Awards 2021



2021 Category Nominations

Business Impact - student has improved commerce or commercial viability or business processes. Listen to ‌Rob Court, Change Manager at the Univeristy of Exeter talk about his nomination for the Digital Ambassador Team in the 2021 Business Awards.

Leadership - student has demonstrated leadership qualities. Watch Senior Information Officer Clare Johnson talk about her Leadership nomination for Jodie Bispham as a Career Zone Information Assistant.

Community - student has improved community engagement or similar. The Digital Learning Assistants were nominated in the category by Alexandre and Colleagues, here are Lizzie and Angelica, who contributed to the nomination, talking about their nominated Student Staff in this category.

Innovation - student has successfully brought a new idea to the working environment. Business School SEAS College Coordinator Melanie Nearchou talks about her nomination for Leon Davidson in the Innovation category and his role as the WIE employability ambassador in 2021.


The Student Employee of the year Awards 2020


And our 2020 winner: Alexander Griffiths

‌Read Alexander's AG WInning Nomination for his work at Devon Doctors and the SEOTY 2020 Nominees.

If you have any queries about the University of Exeter Employment Awards, please contact Rebecca Lenthall at