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You can count the hours on your project towards the Exeter Award.

If you are helping to manage a project and have already completed the Exeter Award, you can develop your skills in Leadership and Management through the Exeter Leaders Award

Getting started

What counts as a project?

Change Agents and Partners projects are those which seek to change and improve the student experience, or the service that the University provides to students.

Projects that are run in partnership by staff and students are known as Students as Partners projects, and register with us to share the impact of their work. Projects that are run by students without staff direction, known as Students as Change Agents projects, register with us to share their progress and to access support, guidance and signposting to resources to make their project more effective.

How your project runs, either through Partners or Change Agents, will determine the workload you take on, so may be something to consider to ensure you can balance this commitment alongside your studies.

Creating a project

Doing some quick research around your idea will help you to make sure there is appetite for the change you are suggesting, and that the University is able to support your project. 

If you have an idea, in the first instance speak to the Student Engagement Officer for your College or subject. Also consider getting in touch with the Academic Reps for your subject to see if they can support or help your project through your subject’s Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). If you are looking to run a Students as Partners project, also consider finding the most appropriate University staff to run your project with. 

Impact of your project

One of the key things to consider when creating an idea, and that also might help you work out what your project should look like, is to think about the overall impact or change you would like to achieve. Once you’ve defined this, work backwards to break down the different parts of your project.


As soon as your idea is ready, you should complete the Change Agents and Partners Registration Form. We will review your application, and assign support to your project as quickly as possible, so you can get started.


The following staff support Students as Change Agents & Partners and are able to field queries about projects:

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics  Pippa Greenwood (Streatham) (Penryn)
College of Life & Environmental Sciences (Streatham)
Ella Simpson (Penryn)
College of Humanities Annie Salter
College of Social Sciences and International Studies Darren Green
University of Exeter Business School
University of Exeter Medical School Amy Strivens