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Phone: +44 (0)1935 864055
Mobile: 07967 947335

Tony Reese

Jewish Chaplain

Tony was appointed by the Jewish community in Exeter to be a Jewish chaplain to the University and has now been in the role for more than ten years.

As part of the Chaplaincy team he is here for anyone of any faith or none, and tries to be available to talk to anyone, student or staff, whether Jewish or not, about anything to do with spiritual well-being or Judaism.

He provides support to any Jewish student or member of staff, and also to anyone else who wishes to know more about Judaism.

He is available if you have any worries and will try to help in any way he can. He was a student at Exeter and has a daughter who was a student. He knows the problems and excitement of being a student.

If you see him, please say hello. If you have questions, please ask. As a Jew, he loves questions – he doesn't promise answers, in fact he will probably answer you with more questions, but he loves discussing the big questions we can't answer, as well as trying to help with the smaller questions which get in the way. And often those smaller questions get bigger and bigger if you can't find someone to talk to.